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Program Procedures


  • Applicants should complete and submit applications by the application deadline. A total of 20 magnet slots are available for rising 6th grade students.  The number of 7th & 8th grade slots available for lottery selection varies based upon continuance in the program.
  • Applications received by the deadline are then verified and grouped by grade level. Utilizing a lottery system, applications for each grade level will be drawn and offered a place in the Middle School Arts Magnet for the upcoming school year. Once the number of available slots have been filled, the remaining applicants for each grade level will be drawn and placed on the grade level waiting lists in the order in which they were drawn.
  • Applications received after the deadline for application will be placed accordingly on the waiting list (in the order in which they are received).
  • Slots which become available during the school year due to moves, military transfers, etc. will be filled using the waiting list.  Newly selected students will begin participation at the beginning of the next quarter (i.e. if a slot is made available during the second quarter, the newly selected student would begin participating the first day of the third quarter).  Slots which become available during the fourth quarter will not be filled until the next school year.    


  • To continue in mSAM students must maintain a “C” or above in all classes and achieve a passing score (400 or above) on all SOL assessments for the current year.  A review of repeated behavioral offenses that result in multiple suspensions and determine if the student will continue to participate.
  • Once a newly enrolled mSAM student has accepted placement in the program through completion of the “Enrollment Agreement Form” (I-112) or a continuing student has not completed the “Withdrawal from Magnet Program” form (I-113) within two weeks after the last day of school, he/she shall remain in the program for the duration of the upcoming school year.
  • Students who apply for the magnet and are not selected for participation must reapply if they wish to be considered for the following school year.
  • Eighth grade students in the Middle School Arts Magnet wishing to enroll in the School of the Arts (SOA) in 9th grade must apply/audition for the SOA program during their 8th grade year.