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Program Information

Important Program Update can be found here.

Applying for the Magnet

  • Applications are available in each elementary and middle school and at the School Board Office, 302 Dare Road.
  • A separate application must be submitted for each child (grades 6 - 8) wishing to attend the Middle School Arts Magnet.
  • Dates and times for the submission of completed applications for the next school year are included on the application.  Applications received after the deadline are placed on the waiting list in the order they are received.
  • Applications meeting program eligibility are then grouped by grade level for random, lottery-style selection. 

Who's Eligible?

  • Middle School Arts Magnet slots are available to YCSD students in grades 6 - 8. Students who are non-residents of York County are eligible to apply for the Magnet on a tuition basis.

Getting To School

  • School hours for the Middle School Arts Magnet are the same as the regular school hours for Queens Lake Middle School. 
  • Parents of out-of-zone students (meaning students zoned for schools other than Queens Lake Middle School) are responsible for arranging transportation to/from either: (1) Queens Lake Middle School or (2) an established Queens Lake Middle School bus stop.

Home-School & SOA Participation 

  • Students who are zoned for middle schools other than Queens Lake and who are offered a place in the Middle School Arts Magnet must enroll at Queens Lake Middle School as their home school if they choose to attend the Middle School Arts Magnet program.
  • Participation in the Middle School Arts Magnet does not guarantee acceptance into the York County School of the Arts (SOA) in grade 9.  In grade 9, Middle School Arts Magnet students as well as students from other middle schools have the opportunity to apply/audition for admission to SOA.

Course Descriptions

Literary Arts

  • Exploration of literature, writing, and language skills; creative and challenging interdisciplinary environment; composition; communication; critical thinking skills; extension of expressive talents beyond the ordinary; literature-based study to enhance skills needed for successful performance in subsequent English courses. 

Theatre Arts

  • Study of theatre from perspectives of history, culture, genres, and performance; consideration of the role of theatre arts in contemporary society; participation in theatrical productions and design efforts; distinguishing between the meaningful and the mediocre in the arts. 

Dance Arts

  • Participation in Dance as a healthy lifestyle as well as an art form; exploration of creative dance, improvisation, the basics of choreography, and a variety of dance forms; consideration of the diversity of style, historical, and cultural aspects of the rhythmic arts. (This course replaces middle school physical education courses.) 

Visual Arts

  • This course is designed to stimulate creativity and personal development through the exploration of a wide range of activities including painting, drawing, sculpture, and crafts. Students develop artistic skills and an aesthetic appreciation of the arts of various cultures. Students study the principles and elements of design in a wide range of media